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Bulgaria Travel Agent is intended to provide all the information you may need to visit Bulgaria and make your informed decision with one click. Whenever you are on visit, vacation or a business trip we are out there for you.We will help you to make the right decision in your way to Bulgaria, build your dream vacation providing all the information and  service providers that you may need.You just have to choose  what is  best  for you! It is that simple!

We are dedicated to serve you as your trip adviser and help you make the right decision, so you can enjoy your staying. For most people a travel to Bulgaria could be challenging -that is why we are here for you! Whenever  you need information , deals,  ideas, directions , air fares, hotels, rental cars, safety tips or anything else we are here to help you. Our advice is free!Book your next trip to Bulgaria with confidence.

Bulgaria Travel Agent is your best trip adviser. Just one click is  all what it takes. A person’s vacation truly begins as they dream about all of the details of their trip; where they want to visit, how they will get there and what activities they will explore in the surrounding area during their stay. As a vacation planning counselor we will help you to make those trips a reality  and help you to plan vacations that will create life-long memories for you and your loved ones.

We, at BTA-Bulgaria Travel Agent take great pride in delivering best in class customer service, helping our customers to resolve all of their needs with one click and building relationships with our customers.

We are focused on fostering an environment that rewards  dedication and a commitment to excellence by being responsive, respectful and delivering a great experience.

 Welcome to the land of roses!

Bulgarian rouses

The Valley of Roses

Our mission

The mission of Bulgaria Travel Agent is to be the leading travel and related services supplier of choice, providing premier services and innovative options to all customers. BTA accent is on building your own trip or vacation without the limits of the ones provided by  travel companies. Only this way you will be able to see more and  get a different experience that is not limited to one site or resort only. Bulgaria Travel Agent gives you the opportunity to discover Bulgaria fully. We will accomplish this by:

  • Ensuring that we have the best offers on the market provided by our trained professional staff.
  • BTA provides offers of the biggest travel wholesalers in Europe at very competitive price.
  • Expanding market strength through superior service levels.
  • Developing business opportunities through unique travel services that meet all business and leisure travel needs.
  • Maintaining flexibility to adapt to local and international market trends and meet your needs.
  • Establishing BTA-Bulgaria Travel Agent team as the optimum service provider.
  • Operating our business continuously in compliance with applicable industry principles and standards and beyond.
  • Following the best offers on the market and service providers.
  • Providing excellent customer service.

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