Map of European Internet

Bulgarian Internet

Bulgarian Internet is among the most fastest in the world.
The Internet is integrated into the modern way of life and in this connection, the speed of the Internet increasingly appears as a criterion in the rankings for quality of life.
Here are the top ten countries with the most rapid Internet access, according to a ranking of Bloomberg, as this is one of the few positive rankings, where Bulgarian finds a place among the best (eighth place):
10. Belgium
In the previous ranking Belgium took 6th place in the world in average speed of the Internet. Although high-speed links have risen by 14% on a quarterly basis, this was not enough for the country to maintain its position and she relegated with four seats down. The average speed is 54 megabits per second (Mbps), which is still over two times more than the global average of 18.4 Mbps
9. the Netherlands
Netherlands was never part of the top-10 in the past quarter, but managed to climb to 9th position. The average speed was 38.2 Mbps. High-speed Internet in the country be increased by 15 percent on a quarterly basis.
8.  Bulgaria
Known for its low taxes and cheap labor, the country retains its position from the previous ranking at a speed of 23.7 Mbps. High-speed Internet in our country increased by 14% compared to the previous quarter.
7. Switzerland
The country is known as a financial center, which requires a high-speed Internet connection. The average speed is 40.3 Mbps, as high-speed Internet increased by 12% on a quarterly basis. On an annual basis, the increase was 41%.
6. Singapore
Another financial center, this time in Asia is distinguished by extremely high speed Internet. The average speed was 24.6 Mbps, and the promotion of high-speed Internet is 9% over the past quarter.
5. Latvia
For the smaller countries is significantly easier to provide a larger percentage of high-speed Internet access. Such is the case with Latvia, where speed is 44.2 Mbps., or with 140% more than the average speed on a global scale.
4. South Korea
The country has always been a high-tech and occupies the fourth place with an average speed of 27.8 Mbps. Here, however, loses speed compared to last year, as the demotion was 6%.
3. Romania
Our northern neighbor climbs from 5th position over the past quarter. The country has an average speed of 29.8 Mbps. the growth of high-speed Internet is 9% compared to the previous quarter.
2. Japan
High percentage of fiberboard networks in the country to assist it to is the second highest average speed of Internet in the world with 50 Mbps.
1. Hong Kong
Hong Kong retains its dominance as a country with the fastest Internet in the world with 63.6 Mbps. that’s over three times more than the average worldwide.

As you see the base is already in place. Bulgarian potential along with one of the fastest Internet on the planet and the cheapest labor in EU given the perfect strategic location of Bulgaria is a powerful combination and guarantee for success in business.