Hotel Olymp-Velingrad. Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s spas and hot mineral springs have been known for their recreation effects ever since the ancient civilizations, but it flourished in  the Roman  Empire times. Over 800 mineral springs clustered in over 240 water formations, rich in hot and cold mineral water with temperatures varying from 37°C up to 101°C, coming out from a depth of over 2000 meters. Bulgarian hydro-thermal, bio-climatic, mud treatment, sea cure and other health resources are ranked among the best in Europe.

The Bulgarian spa resorts are all over the country and are located in vary favorable climatic regions, not too cold and not too hot affording the exceptional possibility of combining balneo-therapy, water therapy with climatic treatment. Some of them are near the Black Sea, others in mountainous regions with beautiful scenery and ozone-rich air.


Sana Spa Hissarya

HISSAR SPA RESORT  The well-known spa of Augusta (the ancient name of Hissar) is located in the centre of Bulgaria, in the southern folds of Sredna Gora Mountain, 42 km north of Plovdiv (the second biggest town in the country) and 160 km east of Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria), close to the famous Valley of Roses.   Hissar today is a modern spa resort whose greatest asset consists in 22 mineral springs with a total debit of 4000 l / min. and a temperature of 37-52 C, with a total exploitation flow of about 2800 l / min.. The mineral water is light, clear, colorless, flavorless and with over 20 micro-elements.  The water is mainly indicated for treatment of diseases of the kidneys and secretory system ( kidney  stone, nephritis, chronic nephritis and chronic renal insufficiency), liver and gall bladder, the digestive system ( duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, colitis) and pancreas. Special comprehensive balneo-therapy is also applied in a number of diseases of the locomotory system, the endocrine system and the metabolism.  The climate is moderate continental with mild and warm winter. Spring comes early, summer is temperately hot with an average month temperature of 22 C. Autumn is warm and long-lasting. The average annual humidity is moderate (70 %). Foggy weather is an exception. Sunny days – 280 per year.


Pavel Banya,Bulgaria

PAVEL BANYA SPA RESORT  Suitable for treatment of:  – injuries of the locomotory system  – injuries of the intervertebral disc  – injuries of the spinal cord with heavy paralysis  The Health Resort in Pavel Banya has a solid reputation as one of the leading facilities in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic-traumatically injuries of the locomotory system and disease of the peripheral and central nervous system. Nearly 50-60% of the patients here are with injuries of the inter-vertebral disc, and it is with them that the highest effectiveness is achieved from rehabilitation. The basic treatment procedure with the disc disease is the underwater extension . The most serious injuries of the spinal cord with heavy paralyses also undergo a significant improvement.  Possibilities are created for the application of over 50 types of procedures – apparatus physiotherapy, remedial physiotherapy, mechano- and labor therapy, reflexo-therapy (acupuncture, acupressure, laser therapy, etc.)

 VELINGRAD SPA RESORT  Velingrad is the most beautiful and most famous among the Bulgarian teleological resorts. Internationally known climate therapy and health resort. It lies in the most attractive part of the Rhodopean Mountains in Southern Bulgaria. There are 70 sources of mineral water with curative and preventive properties. Together with the numerous mineral waters Velingrad takes pride in another natural phenomenon as well – the Kleptuza. This is the biggest Karst spring in Bulgaria with debit of 1200 litres of ice-cold water per second. The mineral waters (from springs and wells) vary considerably in temperature, mineralization, radon, silicic acid and fluorine content, and are suitable for treatment of a wide range of diseases. 9000 liters of water per minute spring from the five thermal and mineral deposits.  The treatment of non-specific diseases of the respiratory tract is particularly successful. Considerable experience has been accumulated in the efficient treatment of diseases of the locomotive system, nervous diseases and gynecological disorders.